HS2000 Lighting Fixtures

HS-2000 voltagesHS2000 – More light, less energy!

600 Watt/480 Volt system
Choice of 6 reflectors

With the HS2000, P.L. Light Systems has made a great move forward in terms of efficiency, quality and reliability. The HS2000 is one of the most up-to-date, all in one fixtures on the market today.

How do we get more light with less energy? Through a development partnership with Philips we have come up with a new 600 Watt/480 Volt bulb and 600 Watt/480 Volt ballast combination that is 15% more efficient than the current 600 Watt systems. The bulb burns brighter while consuming less energy. What more can you ask for? We’ll tell you.

HS2000The expertise and experience of P.L. Light Systems created the foundation for development. The most important requirements a fixture has to meet have been fulfilled in the HS2000. This is evident in the design alone. The body of the fixture is slim so the shade effect is minimal. At the same time the body is very sturdy being made of high quality cast aluminum to ensure it’s trouble free functioning for years on end. We also designed the fixture to have two separate compartments. This combined with the exterior construction ensures maximum heat dissipation so the fixture will run cooler and extend the life of the components within.

At P.L. Light Systems we also had installation and service in mind. The unique two piece construction allows for quicker and easier installation. It also allows for a more convenient service access. Remove two screws and you take the components away without having to remove the entire fixture. The HS2000 continues the philosophy of quality and efficiency with unique and patented reflector attachment system. This two-part cast system ensures a consistent level, sturdy fit every time. Also the reflector can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning.

The HS2000 is available in 600 Watt/480 Volt. It is compatible with 6 of our world-class reflectors: Deep, Delta, Medium, Midi, Wide and SuperWide. So in any situation you will have the most optimum distribution of light. P.L. Light Systems will provide you with the advice on the best possible combination of the HS2000, reflector, pattern and distance between the light source and the top of the crop.

We sell light, and we can help you achieve the optimum results with the minimum number of fixtures. Feel free to send us your completed request for a light plan with no obligations.

Technical specifications HS2000
High-pressuresodium lamp 600 Watt/48o Volt
Electricity consumption i.6 Amp.
Voltage/frequency 48oV/6o Hz
(Av.) Power consumption 645 Watt
Tolerance lamp/VSA ± 5%
Power factor (cos o) > 0.9 i
Weight (incl. reflector and lamp) ± 11 kg

The HS2000 was engineered around the new 600 Watt/48o Volt Philips Greenpower lamp. This lamp is very different from conventional lamps as it operates on a much higher arc voltage. Therefore when replacing the lamp it is important that you do it with the 600 Watt/48o Volt Philips Greenpower to avoid adverse effects on your light levels and or installation. All fixtures have IP 23 classification. In addtion they also bear the CE mark.

Hortilux Schroeder has also thought of a service-friendly housing. The sturdy aluminum housing is easy to maintain and can be reliably secured against theft. The reflector with butterfly nut attachment can be removed in seconds for cleaning. In addition, we guarantee the HS2000 fixture for two years instead of one.

HS-2000 lighting fixtures with six reflector types