Easy Cool

Easy Cool™
Evaporative Cooling System

An outstanding water distribution system for cooling pads

Evaporative Cooling pads – for greenhouses, animal confinement houses, agricultural and industrial uses.

Easy to Install

Features a simplified design, making it quick and easy to install.

Easy to see

An open design. The water jets are visible during operation for easy adjustment.

Easy to Maintain

Easy to clean, too. Simply rotate the water distribution pipe, clean the holes, and turn the pipe back into place.

Easy to Cool

The parts are designed to work together resulting in unparalleled performance!

Smart Design

The simplified, open design of EasyCool™ allows you to see the system working. The “half-moon” water spray pattern channels water to the face of the pad for fast start up and maximum wetting.

The EasyPad has the water deflector built right in, and features Munters famous self cleaning, unequal flute design and MI-T-edg® algae and weather resistant edge coating for years of dependable service.

Innovative Water Distribution

The top bracket is designed for easy placement, and holds the pipe connector snugly in place. The pipes are connected by simply slipping them into the pipe connector. The rotating feature results in faster, easier assembly and maintenance. The ribbed pipe is easy to grip and rotate, so cleaning is a snap!

Integrated Gutter and Sump

The self-seating gutter holds the water in with self-sealing joints, and it will move and flex should your installation settle. The smart design of the bottom bracket is sturdy and simple to install. The seal technology minimizes water loss, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Cooling Made Easy

Every Munters’ EasyCoolTM system is shipped complete, for a quick and easy “turn key” installation. It is packaged with all of the necessary components, including the pump, filter, pre-assembled supply and return lines, all the necessary fittings and concise, easy to follow assembly instructions. All you need to do is install it to your structure, hook up existing power and water, turn it on, and watch it work!

Typical EasyCool ™ System Applications

Agricultural Greenhouses Industrial
Dairy Tomatoes Manufacturing
Poultry Orchids Warehousing
Hogs Perrennials, etc. Portable Cooling

USGR has been designing and implementing fan and
evaporative cooling systems worldwide
since original patents were granted in 1956. Thousands
of installations under every climatic condition in the world.