Euroemme Munters

Euroemme Munters

Your ideal partner for perfect climate conditions. A complete range of products for climate systems. U.S. Global Resources now offers the Euroemme Munters greenhouse animal confinement building and agriculture environmental control systems.

Euroemme Munters climate control systems for plant and livestock production create an optimum indoor climate independent of the ambient temperature. The Euroemme Munters factory is located in Italy and ships the Euroemme fan worldwide.

Euroemme Munters has a very diverse product mix of stainless steel, galvanized fans to economically meet the budgets of end users worldwide.

Euroemme Munters agricultural systems are the world leader in fan and pad cooling.

Munters has recently acquired Euroemme, Aerotech and Glacier Cor to better serve agriculture, greenhouse and industrial clients.

U.S. Global Resources now offers all of the products of these four outstanding companies. Munters produces highest quality cellulose evaporative cooling pads manufactured today. There are several warehouses and factories throughout the world so Munters pads can save you freight because there is a warehouse and factory near you. Munters principal shipping points are Florida and Arizona in the U.S.; Italy and Sweden in Europe; and Australia, Thailand and China in Asia. There are several other warehouse points around the world.

The Aerotech fan is an outstanding American made fan with a major market share in the poultry and animal confinement business. The Aerotech fan is available from U.S. Factory.

All Munters pads are used not only in agriculture but have many industrial uses in a wide variety of widths, thickness and heights. We are also please to offer the cellulose pads to many industries.

Do not overlook the outstanding hanging and mobile heaters manufactured by Munters and used in agriculture, greenhouse and animal confinement buildings.


Typical animal cooling
Typical animal cooling

Typical greenhouse cooling
Typical greenhouse cooling

To further expand their services, Diversified is introducing the Euroemme line of fans for Poultry and Greenhouse applications. Euroemme’s exclusive Centrifugal Shutter System (CSS) ensures airflow efficiency and when not in operation, the CSS prevents air leakage. Stainless steel blades as standard, means Euroemme Fans resist corrosion, need less cleaning, and will operate at peak efficiency for many


  • CSS keeps fan at efficiency peak by keeping shutters fully opened at all times.
  • Air leakage is prevented by shutters tightly closing when fan is not in use.
  • Stainless Steel Standard means less time spent cleaning.
  • Stainless Steel Standard is stronger than aluminum and plastic.
  • Safety mesh on back of fan opens like a door for easy maintenance.
  • Strong pulley hub in die cast aluminum minimized propeller vibrations.
Fan in operation with
Centrifugal Shutter System
Fan not Operating. Centrifugal
Shutter System is closed.

Applications & Benefits

Livestock Buildings: Greenhouse: Munters Climate
Systems stands for:
Chickens,Rabbits, Cattle, Turkeys etc.

  • Stable climate conditions
  • Long production season
  • Healthy animals
  • High feed conversion rate
Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits

  • Long growing season
  • perfect climate conditions
  • No salt and calcium deposits
  • Less evaporation from soil

  • Long life-time
  • High and stable efficiency
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low energy consumption

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