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FI fan insulationFI fan insulation panels

Heating the inside of a building can be very expensive, especially if a lot of the heat generated is lost through areas of poor insulation. While the fan’s shutters provide an effective barrier to airflow when the fan is inactive, they do not provide an effective barrier to heat flow or heat loss. The vast majority of extraction fans are not used during cold winter periods during which large heat losses occur because of heat escaping through inactive extraction fans. In order to prevent such costly heat losses, fans can be fitted with Euroemme® FI fan insulation panels. In this way generated heat can be kept where it should be, inside the building.


Fan insulation heat loss diagramThe Euroemme FI fan insulation panels consist of an insulating 25 mm polystyrene panel, protected by a hollow core UV stabilised plastic sheet and framed by a metal housing in epoxy pre-coated and galvanised steel. Four quick release latches ensure a tight fit even during periods of outside wind activity. Mounting and dismounting the panels is done in a matter of seconds, once installed. To assist in the mounting and handling of the panels, two UV stabilised plastic handles are fitted.

As a complement to the Euroemme range of extraction fans, the Euroemme FI fan insulation panels can be fitted on either the inlet or exhaust side of all 50′, 36′, 30′ and 24′ fans e.g., EM50n, EM36, EM30 or ED24 fans, and on the inlet side of the EC50 fan and on the exhaust side of the Compact 50i. If a pyramidal safety mesh is installed on the exhaust side of the fans, the panels can be installed on the inlet side, if possible. Otherwise the pyramidal safety mesh should be removed while the panels are installed.

FI panels

  • Reduced heat loss through fans during winter by up to 7 times
  • Cost saving by reducing heating cost
  • Quick and easy to install and mount
  • Fits all Euroemme® extraction fans snugly
  • Can be installed on air inlet or exhaust sides of fans
  • Installation kits include all accessories required for installation
  • Can be fitted onto other brands of exhaust fans with similar dimensions
  • High heat loss through closed fans.
  • High heat loss through closed ventilation openings.
  • Reduced heat loss with fan insulation panels.
  • Reduced heat loss with insulation tunnel doors


FI technical specifications

Some details about the FI fan insulation productORDERING INFORMATION

Order information FIX-Y e.g. FI24-8 pack

X: Code for specific size:

24 30 36 50

Y: Code for type of pack.

4 pack 8 pack 12 pack

The panels are sold in packs of 4, 8 or 12 units. Each pack contains the necessary brackets and self tapping screws for installation. To assist with installation a manual and screw marking guide are included. Also included are patches for drainage holes. All these are packed safely in protective packaging.

FI fan insulation panels are products of Munters euroemme S.p.A., Italy.