SM Inlet Shutters

Euroemme SM Inlet Shutters

Photo shows various sizes of SMY motorised inlet shutters

Euroemme SM inlet shutters arc suitable for use in the poultry and greenhouse industries as well as traditional industries. In order to obtain a quick and responsive control over the fresh-air intake into a house, a SM inlet shutter can be utilized. Air is sucked into the house structure through an open SD1 inlet shutter by means of exhaust fans, placed in the exterior walls of the structure, or by our EMT range of jet fans utilised to blend fresh-air with internal house air.

To improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce pressure losses the shutter design has been developed in Munters euroemme’s R&D lab. The test chamber has been built according to ANSI / AMCA 210-85 Figure 15 specifications. Construction details and airtightness have been verified by personnel of the BESS Lab at the Agricultural Engineering Dept, University of Illinois – USA.

SMT, SMC, SMA shutter options

SMT Version – Motorised. The inlet shutter is opened by means of a strong and durable drive-motor which opens the louvers of the shutter via a re

duction gearbox. The limit position, open or closed is controlled by an electromechanical limit switch, to ensure a fully open aperture or a completely sealed and closed shutter. This allows trouble free automation of the air-inlet requirement process via a specialized climate controller.

SMA Version – Manual Operation

This inlet shutter does not come equipped with a drive motor for the function of opening and closing the shutter. The process of opening and closing the shutter must be done manually.

SMC Version – Retrofit Kit

The SMC version has been designed specifically to be used as a retrofit exhaust shutter system for existing circulation fans that need to be converted to exhaust fans. This option allows the simple coupling of an SMC shutter onto the EMS series Euroemme circulation fans, transforming them into exhaust fans. All the models of shutter systems are available in knock-down form for reduction in shipping volumes.


  • Housing frame made of strong pre-coated and galvanised sheet-steel
  • Shutters are made of pressed galvanised steel in order to ensure highest strength
  • Shutter bearing and seals made of high resistance acetalic plastic with UV protection, and are maintenance-free
  • Shutter systems have been designed to be matched and balanced in a size ratio with the Euroemme range of exhaust fans, for energy and pressure drop efficiency
  • SMC shutter systems are specially designed to transformed circulation fans to exhaust fans
  • SMT motorized version allows simplicity with automation of ventilation inlet requirements
  • Shutter opening is not affected by the weight of dust deposited on the shutter blades
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Each motor and shutter system is individually tested or 100% quality control and performance

24 745 745 130 645 645 475 610 M8 45 65 175 125 70 80
30 950 985 130 845 895 475 415 M8 45 50 175 125 70 80
36 1,090 1,090 130 985 985 600 600 M8 45 50 175 125 70 80
50 1,380 1,380 130 1,280 1,280 800 800 M8 45 50 175 125 70 80
60 1,380 475 130 1,280 380 800   M8   50 175 125 70 80

Order Information

SM-X-Y-Z e.g., SM-T-50-24SR

  • X = Type of Shutter.
    • T = Motorised
    • A = Manual
    • C= Retrofit
  • Y = Code for the type of shutter according to the dimensions table.
  • Z = Code for the type of damper actuator.

Technical Specifications

SM code (size) 24 30 36 50 60
Weight (with motor actuator) [kg] 10.5 15.0 17.5 25.0 13.0
Number of shutter blades   5 7 8 10 3
Inlet Opening [m2] 0.44 0.79 1.01 1.69 0.51

Damper Actuator Technical Specifications (valid for SMT only)

Code 230 24 24SR
Power supply AC 230 V AC 24 V AC 24 V
50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
single phase or DG 24 V  
Regulation signal   DC0-10 V
Power consumption 2 W 2 W 1.3 W
For wire sizing 18 VA 3.5 VA 3 VA
Direction of rotation Selected with L/R switch
IEC protective class of electric motor IP 54
Ambient temperature range -20 +50 °C
Ambient humidity According to EN 60335-1
N.B. Airflow data are measured at standard condition (20 °C, 1013 hPa).

SM is developed and produced by Munters euroemme S.p.A., Italy.