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USGR offers an extensive array of fertilizer applicator injectors, medicators of all types of many industries.

The Smith Measuremix Injector sets the standards for accuracy and consistency.  Smith Injectors are extremely heavy duty.   We have hundreds of Smith Measuremix Injectors in operation for over thirty years.   The Smith Measuremix Injector Company has exceptionally good line strainer filters.  They are the best in the industry.  Smith injectors have very good trade-in value and factory upgrades to existing models very quickly.   Whether your needs are for 3 gpm or for water flow of well over 100 gpm for very large operations, we can assure you of the durability of the Smith injector.

H.E. Anderson Injectors are very popular in greenhouse and nursery applications.  H.E. Anderson also does large agricultural irrigation proportioner fertilizer system.   H.E. Anderson factory staff is extremely well qualified in greenhouse and nursery industry because of their knowledge of fertilizers and chemicals used in the industry.   H.E. Anderson injector now offers their systems completely assembled; all client has to do is hook up inlet and outflow and system is ready to operate.   H.E. Anderson also offers outstanding E.C. Meter, PH meter and strong support accessories.

Dosmatic and Dosatron, the two outstanding, low priced fertilizer injector systems, are used by numerous industries.  Not only popular in greenhouse and nursery operations, but also sold for many other industries, particularly hog and poultry divisions.   They are well received in other animal confinement facilities.   Dosmatic and Dosatron available in many different sizes, as well as mobile units, different GPM and are popular worldwide.

  • Specializing in one stop fertilizer injector systems from SmithAndersonDosmaticDosatron
  • Fertilizer systems integrated into your irrigation system
  • Nursery fertilizer equipment for outdoor field fertilization
  • Greenhouse chemical proportioners, greenhouse proportioners
  • Greenhouse fertilizer injectors, greenhouse chemical injectors for small area or large wholesale applications
  • Fertilizer injectors and greenhouse fertilizer equipment for various types of fertilizer
  • Nutrient injectors for turf, landscape and golf courses
  • Injectors and medicators for hog, poultry and animal houses
  • Agricultural injectors, greenhouse injectors