About Chemical Fertilization Injectors Proportioners


For most of our years we have offered exceptional line of fertilization and feeding chemical injectors. Our fertilizer and chemical injectors are available for all types of industries with focus on greenhouse, nursery and other agricultural industries and are sold worldwide. We offer Dosmatic, Dosatron, Smith Measuremix, Anderson Injectors, as our most popular systems.

We also offer the P & R Surge Controllers for large field irrigation which comes in a wide variety of sizes for poly pipe irrigation and fertigation so as to give large acreage equal water and fertilizers at all points in large acre/hectare operation. Our P & R Surge system of fertigation is an outstanding addition for field irrigation. Our P & R Surge irrigators are all cast iron and contain micro processing motor and rechargeable battery as well as solar panels. P & R Surge controllers automatically set time intervals for the butterfly valve. The great advantage of the P & R Surge controller is the lower cost and less potential for fertilizer to be lost to deep percolation. The principle of P & R irrigation and fertilization is switching the water back and forth by irrigation set by an automatic valve.

Likewise, our Anderson injectors are an exceptional product. The Anderson injectors most popular model have feed ratios from 1:100 to 1:2000. Our Anderson Andy Jr series is very popular. The Andy Anderson injector also is used for fertilization and acid feeding. The Andy Jr popularity is food processing, dishwashing, dairy, bottling plants, etc. It is also used extensively in the greenhouse and nursery industry. The Anderson injectors are popular and easily expandable; in addition to above, popular in hog, poultry and animal houses.

Smith Measuremix injectors have set world’s standard for accuracy, simplicity for a wide variety of uses. Injectors are available in models doing 3 to 5 gpm to largest size of 20 to 100 gpm. When parts per million injection is required, Smith Measuremix is extremely accurate.

Most popular and used worldwide are the Dosmatic and Dosatron water driven injectors. Dosatron and Dosmatic injectors are used in extremely wide number of industries. Dosmatic and Dosatron injectors are extremely popular in all phases of greenhouse/nursery operation. Dosatron and Dosmatic injectors are used on fire engines, hospital, proportioning chemicals wherever such injection is required. Markets we serve with Dosatron and Dosmatic are universal.

We offer our Anderson injectors, Smith injectors, Dosatron and Dosmatic to clients around the world.
If do not have an exact injector in mind, you will find one of our wide range of these fertilizer and chemical injection systems to meet your requirements.