About Smith Measuremix Precision Injectors


The Smith Measuremix injectors are our oldest injection fertilizer system used in horticulture, agriculture, medical and industrial. Smith Fertilizer Injector has been an industry leader because of its accuracy and simplicity. Smith Measuremix injectors are used in greenhouses, nurseries, hospitals, chemical companies and more. The Smith injectors can be used in cannabis, marijuana and hemp industry for fertilizer injectors, chemical injectors and proportioners. Smith injectors can be ordered so that two incompatible chemicals can be injected at the same time (twin injection). Smith injectors offer several options that can be specified depending on the chemical to be applied. Smith injectors are used to to meter and dispense a wide variety of chemicals and one of the best dispensers of chemicals because of its precision and accuracy.

The Smith Measuremix injectors operate on water power and require no electric motor or gasoline engine. The Smith Measuremix injectors are built to dispense a variety of liquid chemicals. Smith injectors water motors are made of bronze and stainless steel, while Smith injector pistons are built of stainless steel on all models, and valves and fittings in the injector system are stainless steel on standard models and have extremely long life.

Smith injectors some models are two-injectors-in-one and allow simultaneous injection of two chemical mixes. Smith injectors can handle two incompatible chemicals and injects at the same time  through the smith twin injector fertilizer system. Smith injectors smaller units, such as the model R-1, are designed for portable hand watering applications as well as permanent installation and accommodate flow ranges from 2 to 12 gpm. Smith injectors can be used to inject any combination of liquid fertilizers, fungicides, chelates, insecticides or mild acids. The Smith Measuremix injectors have a history of being very accurate and dependable. There is virtually no maintenance other than flushing the fertilizer out of the machine after each use. Smith injectors has been in business since 1938 and USGR have been offering their products for many years.