Anderson Ratio Feeder Injector

Anderson Injectors

Since their beginning many years ago, Anderson Injectors have met the needs of the small and large cailities with their outstanding American technology and extremely low maintenance and long life. A great product.

a ratio-feeder system

The Ratio:Feeder® Feeds:
Nutrients, Acids, Bases, Chlorine, Bromine, Herbicides and More

Used extensively in Hog, Poultry, and Animal

Used by Greenhouses, Containers, Golf
Courses, Turf, Landscape, and Agriculture

ratio feeder logo The Anderson Ratio-Feeder® comprises many different sizes of units. Modular design permits constructing a system for your exact needs. And you can change the configuration in the field. Change from one solution to as many as you would like. Easily! With common tools. Change back. It’s easy to have just the unit you need.

The Ratio:Feeder® is a positive displacement, volume proportioning pump. Its design permits wide water flow ranges with minimal pressure loss. And lasting accuracy at all flow rates. Day to day maintenance is minimized by our design. There are NO SLIDING SEALS in the pumping mechanism. There is no metal in contact with the chemical (stainless check balls are used with fertilizers and some acids.). And there is an air gap between the chemical and the rest of the pump mechanism.

Several different series designs so you can choose the features you want or need:

There is additional equipment in the Ratio-Feeder line:

  • The Ratio:GuardTM:
    Ph and EC controls and tank monitorfor the Ratio:Feeder family. Also works with many other injectors as well.

Typical Installations: