Greenhouse Photo Album


Here is a collection of photographs of just a few of the hundreds of greenhouses we have designed and built throughout the world. From difficult climates to “impossible” sites to back yards, our greenhouses can be built almost anywhere.

June, 2001. Vegetable propagation greenhouses in China

Fiberglass covered and environmentally controlled
garden center attached to an office building.

Government project in Bhutan. Single house for seed production.

A Gothic Polycarbonate and Poly House with roll up sidewalls.

13 houses:double Poly Quonsetters, used
for various purposes in Spokane, Washington, USA.

BEFORE: sometimes we have to help rebuild
satellite structures like this bridge.

AFTER: now we can get to the site
located in the Himalayan mountains.

Project in remote Himalayan mountains
for a plant genetics research facility.

Corrugate Polycarbonate covered ground-to-ground
greenhouse with a short sidewall other sidewall height’s available for this type.

3 Quality Plus and 4 Ground to Ground greenhouses, all
environmentally controlled (Chia Tai Seed – Thailand).

A retail garden center Quonsetter type.

A great retrofit: old greenhouse with new shade system,
Fan-Jet, benches, and drip irrigation.

Factory welded trusses. Set posts, bolt on Post Caps,
raise the truss. Fast and efficient 65,000 sqft Quality Plus Salinas, Calif.

Crop growing during construction.

Tree nursery.

Very tall ornamental tree greenhouse
with 16 foot high sidewalls.

When the land is a little rocky or unusual,
we can still adapt to the situation.

30 x 8 x 96 ft Ground to Ground

Garden Center retail growing / display greenhouse

Reforestation nursery Gothic type – Canada

Our most recent Venlo installation using Dutch systems

Russia project 12 m wide – Research glass Quality

A Sharp Canada manufactured
high quality glass greenhouse

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