About Heating


US Global Resources offers a wide range of natural gas, propane, oil, steam or hot water heaters to the greenhouse, nursery and allied industries, such as warehouses, farm buildings and some industrial applications. Among the most popular greenhouse and agricultural heaters are Modine heaters, Siebring and Delta-T. Siebring, Modine and Delta-T systems combined offer the widest range of greenhouse heating systems available in agriculture today.

Modine unit heaters of natural gas, propane, steam, hot water and oil are standard for air delivery systems. The Siebring Systems also offer oil, natural gas and waste fuel heaters. Our Siebring heater is also an outstanding portable and waste heat system. Delta-T of aluminum tube EDPM in-bench steam and hot water systems are popular for those growing bench crops and particularly in propagation. The Delta-T fin type is very popular for steam and hot water heat by radiation. Delta-T is a hydronic heating system USGR has been offering Modine, Siebring and Delta-T for most of our 73 years in business. Waste oil heaters growing in popularity domestically and internationally because of low cost of the fuel and high temperature burners.

USGR also offers a Military furnace that is used by the Military worldwide that provides a transportable heat source for tents, field application as well as for other military uses. They can be used outside or inside. Military heating is a strong niche market. Military heaters have been used for many years, used in both Iraq and Afghanistan and other, military services.

We supply greenhouse nursery heaters, agricultural heaters, animal confinement building heaters, poultry heaters and heaters used in warehouse and storage facilities, operated by a wide variety of fuel including natural gas, propane, oil, steam, hot water, geothermal, waste oil. Our greenhouse, nursery and warehouse heaters are available for in floor heating systems, suspended, floor mounted and many are also used for installation outdoors as swell.

Our portable heater is available in a wide variety of Ph production and portable heater is easily moved and is quite unique in its mobility and large BTUH output.

Complete engineering and design of all of the steam, natural gas, soil systems is available.

In addition to the above heaters for domestic and international use, we also offer the Munters/Aerotech heaters. With Munters and Aerotech we service the warehouse and animal confinement building. The Munters/Aerotech heating systems are used worldwide and are also available in a wide variety of sizes, some being portable and the Munters/Aerotech systems are available in 50 cycle and meet the requirements of international heating standards.

Because we are worldwide no single heating company manufactures systems for every type of fuel. Requirements vary from country to country, client to client. That is why we utilize different heating systems for different applications in different parts of the world. We must offer a number of systems to meet our clients’ crop and temperature needs. By offering Modine, Siebring, Delta-T, Munters/Aerotech, Sterling we can meet your requirements large or small wherever you are located in the world.