About Modine Heaters


US. Global Resources and Modine have provided great, efficient and valuable heat to greenhouse, warehouse and various industrial facilities. Modine unit heaters, the standard for heating greenhouses worldwide. The Modine unit heaters are able to maintain remarkable uniform temperatures. The Modine heaters are unlike boilers in that Modine heaters run only whenever heat is needed. Modine saves money. Where owners want to retain existing pipe coil radiation, the Modine heaters supplement heat and eliminate cold spots. We have been offering Modine heaters for over 61 of our 78 years in business. We have Modine heaters operating in over 40 countries, with low maintenance and maximum efficiency.

Be sure to review our 93% efficient gas fired unit heaters. Our Modine heaters are available as gas or propane units.

We service greenhouse, nursery and warehouse markets with exceptional hot water and steam unit heaters. The Modine steam or hot water unit heaters are the most efficient, long life steam and hot water heaters in the world.

To our hobby and small institutional units and special types of small houses, we do offer the Modine electric heater. We do not recommend electric greenhouse heaters except in very small buildings. In many parts of the world, natural gas or propane are not available. In these situations, we have delivered oil fired Modine heaters into the most remote regions of the world. You can depend on U.S. Global Resources, Modine, Siebring, and Delta-T to provide you with outstanding quality products, a long history of designing heating systems worldwide.