About Oil Fired Heaters


We offer a variety of greenhouse, agriculture, animal confinement, dairy barns, poultry oil fired heaters in 4 different types. We also have a waste oil fired heater. Our Royal, Quantum, Heat Master and Pull N Heat oil heaters have single stage oil pump and 10 ft lift. All of these oil fired heaters have 55 degree thermostats with 12 inch distribution elbows. For strength and durability all our oil fired heaters have welded steel construction and double welded fire body. Our Royal oil heaters and Quantum oil heaters are also available in natural gas and propane units. All of our oil fired heaters are designed to work with horizontal air flow in large buildings. Oil fired heaters also can be used in some warehouses and commercial buildings when knowledgeable installers are available. The Quantum oil heaters can be ceiling or floor mounted. All of our oil fired heaters have high fuel efficiency. To name the most popular oil fired heaters for industry, greenhouse, dairy, animal, hog and poultry facilities are Royal oil heaters, Quantum oil heaters, Heatmaster Classic oil heaters and very popular Pull N Heat oil heaters for easy portability and designed to fit 30 inch doors.

Modine offers exceptionally high quality oil fired heaters. Modine oil heaters come in a variety of sizes. Modine oil heaters are used in rural parts of the world where natural gas and propane are not available. Like the Royal, Quantum, Pull & Go, Modine heater is a ceiling mounted heater. Modine oil fired heaters are used worldwide. Modine oil fired heaters are one of our most popular rural agriculture heaters as well as fact that Modine oil fired heaters are used in warehouses consistently. Modine oil fired heaters are available in 50 and 60 cycle.