Heating Systems


For International clients 1 KCal = 3.968 BTU

As we are worldwide, we offer all types of heating systems for agriculture,product storage, warehousing, greenhouse heaters, greenhouse heating systems, etc. We offer and are agents for both domestic and international manufacturers to include the outstanding Tecnoclima Company and the famous Euroemme/Munters/Aerotech heating systems. Domestically we offer the Lennox/True Leaf, Modine, ADP and the ERMAF heaters. We also offer the Siebring heater which is a reliable floor mounted unit. The outstanding in-bench heating system comes from Delta-T and we highly recommend Delta-T for those growers propagating and growing crops on benches.

No single heating company manufactures systems for every type of fuel, heating requirements as to the amount of heat, nor do they offer distribution of heat for all requirements. There are many reasons why we utilize different heating companies for different applications. Some heating companies such as Tecnoclima offer systems for all the voltages of the world. Other companies may offer only 50 cycle or 60 cycle.

There are also many different priced units. Some systems are adapted for air delivery systems, others for boilers and piping. Other systems, such as DeltaT are for on and under the bench systems. The requirements worldwide are so diverse, we must offer many companies heating system to meet our clients’ crop and temperature needs. Some of the companies we represent are Tecnoclima, Modine, Lennox/True Leaf, Delta-T, Munters, Euroemme, ADP, ERMAF/True Leaf, Siebring.

As we offer Tecnoclima, Euroemme/Munters/Aerotech, True Leaf/Lennox, Modine, ADP, ERMAF, Delta-T, we can design systems for all parts of the world, all sources of fuel to accommodate your specific needs.

We can provide heat from any source. The Tecnoclima company with its very high efficiency and diverse systems for many markets and extreme high quality offers the most options as Tecnoclima is a very diversified company. We also offer heaters that serve a specific purpose.

For the hog, poultry and animal confinement buildings, we offer all types of heat systems mentioned above and we are introducing a special heater for animal confinement buildings.

Companies and The Types of Energy Used

  • Propane and natural gas
  • Oil
  • In-Bench/On-Bench/Under-Bench
    • Delta-T, True Leaf
  • Systems using boilers & pipe, both fin and standard pipe available
  • Bench propagation, many systems offered, Delta-T preferred
  • Boilers
    • Teledyne-Lars, True Leaf and Hamilton
  • Air delivery units, direct discharge and tube distribution

    • Tecnoclima, Modine, Lennox, True Leaf

North America and most of the world’s greenhouse systems, as well as many product storage buildings and warehouses use the air delivery natural gas, propane or oil systems to distribute heat throughout the building with either free flow of air from the heater or distributed by tubes or horizontal internal air flow circulating fans. Our most popular systems for this purpose are Tecnoclima, Modine and Lennox, as well as the Acme Fanjet unit heater system. You can also check our HAF fan section for internal circulation of fans for distributing heat.

These are outstanding poultry and animal confinement building heaters. These poultry heaters are among the most efficient and least expensive to operate. Poultry heating is becoming essential not only in poultry houses, but many other types of animal growing environments.