Heating Propagation System


Heating Propagation System

Using the Delta Tube SD Radiation with one, two, or three water heaters this packaged system is an ideal way to efficiently warm the soil and crops resulting in accelerating rooting and crop growth.

This system is great for seed germination. Seed germination experts and plug producers have found that by heating the soil they achieve a higher germination rate and quicker production time. With soil heating or germination heaters, growers find times in rooting cuttings are reduced by heating the soil directly.

The DELTA-BENCH™ package is pre-engineered with a full set of installation instructions and drawings. It s easy anybody can install this system. The system can be upgraded to a full heating system using a boiler.

System Advantages:

  • Direct contact from tubing to root zone for maximum soil and plant temperature control.
  • Even temperatures are maintained throughout the system resulting in even crop temperatures.
  • Warm soil means less disease at the plant.
  • Accelerated growing means more crop produced from the same area.

The Delta T Solutions DELTA-BENCH™ comes complete.

  • No running to the hardware store.
  • Installation instructions makes the installation easy.
  • Includes all piping necessary to install from the water heater to the bench material.
  • Controller has built-in digital display.
  • System comes with water treatment.

Delta Bench Packaged Propagation System Includes:

  • Water heater accessories
  • 5 of power wire
  • Water heater piping-steel air
  • Bench material
  • Water controls
  • Manifold
  • System pump
  • Spacers
  • Electronic controller
  • Tubing