Insect Screen


USGR is a worldwide supplier of commercial insect screens netting, shades and fabrics from warehouses worldwide. Minimums apply.

We offer insect screens and insect net controls of all types and sizes of insects and pests.   We have over 50 different insect and pest control nets.   Insect nets are the biggest selling greenhouse component as the produce buyers are insisting that greenhouses do a better job of controlling insects and pests.    Agricultural nets have often been used for many years to keep out larger invasive insects but in recent years, there has been a huge demand in screens and nets that will control very small, almost microscopic insets.  Depending upon which type insect net you require to control pests in the greenhouse, please remember the nets with the smaller openings reduce air flow.  Insect and pest control screens developed some 25 years ago were engineered and designed systems to maintain air flow and keep the insects from the crop in the greenhouse and still maintain air flow.  One of the greatest difficulties of greenhouse vegetable crops is the reduction of air flow and special consideration must be given to maintaining quality plant growth.

USGR has enormous worldwide capability and experience in providing insect & pest controls for greenhouse & nursery.

LS Xsect screens from Europe is highest quality insect screens on the
market. We also offer Asian pest control fabrics for greenhouses and outdoors.

  • Control pests and insects of all sizes.
  • Xsect LS Screens are longest life insect and pest control material.
  • Controls large insects like bees to the small thrip type.
  • Shipped from U.S. or European warehouses.
  • Bug screens keep out large flying insects.
  • Agricultural & horticultural insect screens available for outdoor use.

When requesting insect nets, specify hole size or type of insect screen by type of insect/or anti-virus insect you want to control.

Thrip screens keep out the smallest insects.
We have bee screens for special applications.
White fly and aphid screens are the most popular.

The design and engineering of pest/insect screen or curtain is very important. Improper design of the curtain/fabric/screen can cause air flow problems.

Blockade Insect Screens and nets are used to keep out wide range of pests from bird netting to thrip screens by putting up insect curtain on walls of greenhouse and/or buildings.

LS Svensson Xsect for all types of insects dominates the world.  Our insect screens and shade materials are ships from warehouses in the U.S. as well as from other warehouses worldwide.   We also offer the Svensson shade systems for both inside and outside screening.