Vitally Important Guidelines for Insect Screen



Insect screens have been a great addition for pest control and marketability of product. However, insect screens require very careful and special consideration in order to compensate for the reduced air flow that results in increased temperatures in the growing environment.

Regardless of where you ultimately purchase the insect screen, it is so important to take the application of that insect screen into consideration relative to size of the structure, crop to be grown, humidity and air flow.
We have seen thousands upon thousands of incorrect and improperly installed insect screens all over the world. The results have been as drastic as crop failure, to heat damage to many crops.

When considering buying insect screen, be very sure that maintaining the proper greenhouse environment is given every consideration.

USGR has been engineering and designing and implementing turnkey greenhouse projects including structures and all environments for most of our 78 years in business, as well as supplying a variety of operations systems. Our background in insect screen installation dates to the late 70’s. We can provide you with exceptional technical assistance and service when considering the purchase of insect screen and for the particular insect you need to exclude.

Some will say that you can exclude all of a particular insect. But there also has to be consideration of excluding all the adults, but can the juveniles also be excluded and how much of the insect population will actually be excluded. This also should be taken into consideration on the density of the insect screen chosen and thereby the more air flow reduction. You also have to take into consideration, dust accumulation, surface tension of water and other elements that can also affect air flow. We are not discouraging insect screens, but only that they benefit you through proper engineering and design.