Abou Soil Sterilization Media Sterilization


Soil sterilization is essential part of growing plants and selling media. We offer Sioux greenhouse and nursery soil sterilization system and the Siebring media sterilization products. Both have unique soil sterilization uses. For institutions, retail and batch soil sterilization, our electric soil sterilization systems are excellent. Media sterilization for large soil sterilization uses steam to destroy harmful contaminants. Our soil sterilization systems are both mobile and fixed station. Our mobile sterilization systems are built for both on road or off road transportation. All of our sterilizations systems are virtually maintenance free, having units operate, for example, in India on a daily basis for over 15 years with only minor spare part maintenance.

USGR also offers EU Self Propelled highly sophisticated and self tracking automatic large greenhouse ground area and field sterilization system for large greenhouse, nursery, forestry and field soil sterilization.