EU Self-Tracking Self-Propelled Sterilizer


Tracked sterilizerUSGR offers state of art large area sterilizer system that is tractor operated and is the exceptional unit for sterilizing greenhouse and open field areas. The unit works automatically after setup and speed determines sterilization depth and area to sterilize per hour. We recognize that this system is not for every grower. It has tremendous advantages where large greenhouse or field areas require sterilization. Units begin at $126,000 TO $311,000 USD. Unit is manufactured in Europe, sold worldwide and includes training and installation assistance where required. It is valuable where high
tunnel areas are used and in high value row crop production. It also can rotate on itself for easy maneuverability.

STERILTER S500 / S750 / S950

Tracked sterilizer inside a greenhouseThis Sterilizer works automatically on tracks in greenhouses and open field, sterilizing soil at different depth – from 10 to 20 cm – . The working operation starts at the beginning of the greenhouse / field — first the operator has to set the machine up, then it works automatically with step by step movements — its plates stands on the soil for an establsihed period of time (they are 7 – 8 m wide and 1.5 m long), then the machine
moves 1.5 m forward each step. The time the machine stays in the sterilizing position is adjustable in order to give sterilization at different dephts (i.e. the longer the steam injection lasts, the deeper the soil is sterilized. At the end of the treatment, the plates lift a few centimetres, move on 1.5 m and the cycle starts again. There is an electronic system controlling the centering and movement of the course, it drives the tracks during work by referring to the greenhouse structure. At the end of the greenhouse the machine stops automatically. Moreover there is a security system with a frontal barrier which stops the machine in case of obstacles. The machine works with gasoil which is stored under the machine, while the water needed to produce steam is taken trough a pipe attached to the machine, which has to be connected to the fixed water system. The real success of this type of machine lies in the fact that it can sterilize soil infected with fungi, nematodes and infesting weed seeds just with steam, which is the most eco friendly way, in the maximum respect for environment. The working system is very rational in the sense that the machine works on the soil before it is crushed by the machine, thanks to its frontal plates, granting a perfect sterilization homogenity without useless steam leakage in the tracks. Since the machine compaction is very slight (0.37 kilos/square cm) , the following operation of transplanting does not need further soil preparation. Steam comes out at 200° c so the soil fairly dry.

Tracked sterilizer rear viewMACHINE SPECIFICATIONS

  • NEF water cooled diesel engine with 4 to 6 cylinders, 110 HP
  • Crushing section of the track : 2 x 1,800 x 500 mm
  • Fully hydraulic-automatic working
  • The machine is equipped with a self levelling system which keeps the boiler and the sterilizing plates automatically levelled
  • It can move in very narrow spaces since it can rotate on itself
  • It is equipped with a gsm calling system for end of cycle and allarm messages
Yield hour m2(5min/10cm) 150 225 285
Gas oil hour consumption (kg.) 36 55 68
Water hour consumption (kg.) 500 800 1,000
Gas oil consumption (kg./m2) 0.5 0.5 0.5
Boiler kcal. 350,000 500,000 640,000
Weight of the machine (empty) – kg – 6,500 7,300 10,000
Weight of the machine (gas oil + water) – kg – 8,300 9,500 12,500
Length of the machine (closed) – mt – 5 5.4 6.5
Width of the machine (closed)- mt – 3 3.3 3.5
Length of the machine (open)- mt – 6.5 6.9 7.5
Width of the machine (open)- mt – 7.8 7.8 7.8
Height of the machine — mt – 2.6 2.6 2.6