Sioux Steam Flo (Sioux Steam-Flo) Soil Sterilizer and Steam Generator

Sioux Steam Flo®
Soil Sterilizer

Simple to Operate

Model SF 11
Model SF20. Model SF25 is
same model using gas fuel.

With few moving parts, the Sioux Steam Flo® Soil Sterilizer is simple to operate. The unit can be quickly moved into place, and can be ready to go in just minutes. Simply connect your water supply, plug into electrical and the unit is ready to go.

Quick, Continuous Steam

Steam at full operating pressure is available only 20 minutes from a cold start. After start-up, the Sioux Steam-Flo® steam generator provides a continuous supply of steam; there is no recovery time. The Sioux Steam Flo® produces 368 lbs. of steam per hour, 5 to 10 PSI operating working pressure, burning 3.05 gallons of fuel per hour.

Rugged Design

The Sioux Steam Flo® vessel is constructed from 1/4″ boiler plate all-welded steel, and will give years of service with minimal maintenance. Low water sensor switch and automatic water feeder maintain the proper water level automatically and shut off the burner if water falls below safe levels.

Steam-flo easily travels to your job.
Steam-flo on a trailerThe unit comes complete with oil burner and various safety controls. Included are steam pressure relief valve, high pressure limit control, stack temperature control, electrical connection, fuel tank, and leveling jack.


Mounted on wheels with 15″ pneumatic tires, the Steam Flo® can be moved by hand or truck to any location, inside or out. Trailer hitch is provided. With extra hoses, you can effortlessly provide steam for hard-to-reach places. The unit requires only 37 square feet of floor space, so soil steaming or steam generation can be done almost anywhere.

The Sioux Steam-Flo is a perfect source of low pressure steam for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. This unit can be used in place of a conventional boiler for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. The generator produces 370 to 845 lbs. per hour of saturated steam in minutes. The Steam-Flo provides continuous, unlimited steam. The unit is easy to maintain and built to last. Mountings include portable, stationary, or over the road trailer. Unit can be outfitted with optional water tank and generator for completely self-contained operation. Because of its portability, the Steam-Flo is excellent for use in overflow production and outlying area.

Steam-Flo generators are often used in commercial greenhouses, nurseries and industrial applications including heating steam jackets and thawing pipes and valves. Thousands are in operation worldwide, providing years of trouble-free service.

Built to ASME Code/National Board Registered

The Sioux Steam Flo® is built to stringent ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Code requirements and is permanently registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. The unit is hydrostatically factory tested and inspected to 60 PSI.

Low Maintenance

With few moving parts, the Steam Flo®‘s simple design is virtually maintenance free. Many units sold over 20 years ago are in use today.

Modular Units Provide Cost Savings

Since the Steam-Flo® does not require extended fire-up time, you can save money by operating the unit only when steam is needed. Chemical usage can be minimized or eliminated. When not in use, the unit can be wheeled away to a storage area. Two or more Steam Flo® units can be used together to provide extra output for sterilizing or heating. The Steam Flo® soil sterilization equipment offers flexibility and portability that large, permanently-installed equipment cannot provide.

Proven Dependability

The first Steam Flo® was sold over 35 years ago, and units are serving in a variety of industries around the world.

Available Options

  • Steam tarp is available (specify length and width).
  • Steam hoses of various types and lengths are available.
  • All fittings are available, depending upon application.

Standard Construction

Specifications (Model SF11, Leg mount with insulation option)
Boiler Horsepower 10.67
Steam Output ( 212° F. Inlet) 355 LBS/HR
Firing Rate, #2 Fuel Oil 3.05 GPH
Input BTU PER-HR 427,000 BTU/HR
Maximum Steam Working Pressure 15 PSI
Operating Steam Working Pressure 5 – 10 PSI
Maximum Temperature 250° F
Heating Tube Surface Area 49 FT2
Approximate Machine Dimensions (Leg Mount) 60″L x 40″W x 51″H
Approximate Machine WT. (DRY) 900 LBS
Approximate Boiler Volume 55 Gallons
Optional Fuel Tank Capacity 36 Gallons
Approximate Efficiency 84%
Boiler HP 10.3
Steam Output (212° F Inlet) 355 LBS/HR
Approximate Insulation Cost pay back period, Based on 1000 HR/YEAR Operation 2.2 Years

All specifications are based on standard operating conditions and may vary +/- 5%. Prices on request.


  • Portable Non-highway Trailer Option:
    • 15″ Pneumatic Tires
    • Trailer Hitch
    • 36 Gallon Fuel Tank
    • GFCI Electrical Cord and Plug
  • Over the Road 2 Wheel Trailer
  • Skid Mounted with 36 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Insulation Option:
    • 1″ Fiberglass Based
    • Protective Stainless Steel Outer Wrap
  • Available as a hot Water Boiler