Shade Protector Houses / Insect Protector Houses


USGR is a worldwide supplier of nets, shades and fabrics from warehouses worldwide. Minimums apply.

Minimum house size is 800 square feet

Strong shade houses designed to fit the crop, The weather, terrain, from simple low tech structures to high tech single and double shade systems.

Also available for tropical rain protection where installed with Poly type coverings that allow water run off

Great Structure for insect screen houses

Structures are very low cost – some as low as .40 US cents per square foot for large units over 15,000 sq ft in low wind load area, No snow areas. In fact, the shade and covering often cost more than the structure

All types of house are used for shade houses . See Quonsetter , Ventsetter , Econo Grower , Ground to Ground Structures and especially our Open Roof Houses in addition to the following:

Standard Shade House

  • Posts on 12 ft, 16 ft, 20 ft bay wide spacing. Special widths available.
  • Lengthwise post spacing 12ft, 16 ft, 20 ft long. Special lengths available.
  • Heights from 8 ft to 18 ft available
  • Minimum size is 800 SQ ft. under certain conditions standard height is 10 ft
  • Available any width from 20 ft. to infinity.
  • Available any length 40 ft. to infinity
  • Houses are not coded
  • Designed available to mount over existing houses for shade or hail protection
  • Available for retail sales areas
  • Many shade / insect protector clients use roll up side walls for special ventilation needs Please specify if required.
  • See Coverings , Insect screens, shade material for types of shade and insect screen

For pictures in addition to these two basic views see Open Roof Houses



A quality flat automated Open roof system