About Port A Cool For Every Industry


Portable Port-A-Cool fans are self contained air moving and cooling fans. Port-A-Cool mounted on wheels for easy maneuvering. Port-A-Cool is very lightweight for transportation from one place to another. Another advantage of the Port-A-Cool cooling fans is they have very low electrical consumption. Port-A-Cool units used universally under numerous lower temperature average of 20 degrees; in low humidity area, it can lower temperature in surrounding area up to 30 F. Port-A-Cool fans are popular in schools and Institutions. Schools use them for outdoor and indoor cooling. They are very popular in basketball, indoor courts for sports of any type. Outdoors they are used in school yards, play areas and wherever people are gathered. Portable Port-A-Cool units can be easily stored for seasonal use. Port-A-Cool units also used in laundries and dry cleaning and anywhere where high humidity and high temperatures are a problem. Portable Port-A-Cool units are very popular for cooling animals of all types, horse stables, dairy barns, slaughter houses and anywhere where animal cooling is beneficial to health and comfort to the animal.

Port-A-Cool units are extremely popular because of their portability. Construction sites are another use of the portable cooling units, in lunch areas.

Portable coolers are used in many industries.  Portable coolers dominate closed environments people and equipment cooling.   When using a portable cooler in an enclosed area some air outlets should be provided.   Portable coolers are very popular for all sorts of outdoor activity.  Smaller portable coolers are available for the homeowner.  Portable coolers for the military provide portable cooling in high demand.  Military portable coolers are used by all branches of the military.   The military and government coolers often require explosion proof motors.

Port-A-Cool is the most popular government cooler and in very high demand by the military.  Portable coolers for military use are essential in high temperature desert areas.  Portable coolers have applications in every conceivable industry.  Portable coolers cool people, machinery, refined area, enclosed areas.   Port-A-Cool portable coolers are not affected by outdoor weather conditions.  Whatever your portable cooler needs, Port-A-Cool can serve that requirement.