USGR offers a wide selection of fans for domestic and international clients.
Acme – – Aerotech – – Munters

We supply agricultural and industrial fans
from worldwide warehouses and factories.

For greenhouse and agriculture, we offer in addition to a blower, greenhouse air conditioning systems of all types. Our greenhouse air conditioning systems promote animal and plant health and the greenhouse air conditioning systems we sell are adaptable climates of the world. Fan and evaporative cooling systems have been a major focus of our company since 1941. Our fans (including Acme) are used for air circulation, exhaust systems, ventilation and a wide variety of other air moving needs.

We offer a special portable cooling fan for cooling equipment and for personnel comfort. The Port-A-Cool and Quiet-Cool self contained portable cooling fan is an ideal moveable highly efficient low maintenance, simple operation to cool people and product where portable cooling that is self contained is important. Our Acme portable blowers like Acme are very popular for outdoor restaurants, parks, outdoor events of all types.

Dairy circulation fans (including Acme) provide air velocity and volume required to maintain production through the heat of the summer. The Apex and Grower fan lines are designed to be energy efficient while providing maximum airflow.

Specialty ventilators like Acme and cooling systems for horticulture and agriculture

Fans and Equipment Used in Many Ways:

  • Greenhouse Air Conditioning,
    Greenhouse Air Cooling,
    Greenhouse Fans
  • Product Storage
  • People Cooling
  • Dairy Air Condition,
    Dairy Cooling
  • Cattle Air Conditioning,
    Cattle Cooling
  • Portable Systems
  • Humidification
  • Factories
  • Warehouse
  • Animal Air Conditioning,
    Hog Air Conditioning,
    Poultry Air Conditioning
  • Agricultural Product Cooling
  • Workplace Cooling
  • Sports Teams
  • Air Circulation
  • Evaporative Cooling – All Types
  • Dehumidification
  • Outdoor Cooling
  • Equipment
  • Sporting event portable cooling fans (including Acme)
  • School portable fans (including Acme)
Warehouses in U.S., Asia, Europe

Specialty fans and cooling systems for horticulture and agriculture

Acme Fan

From 12″ to 60″ fans

Fan Jet

Air Recirculation

Portable Fan

Forced Air

Cooling Pads

Pad System


Humidity Fan

Poultry House Concept

We have been engineering/designing and supplying these
special agricultural and horticultural systems since 1956. 

Greenhouse, hog, poultry, animal confinement Acme fans and Acme air conditioning systems.
Fan-Jet – air moving, ventilation-heat distribution and dehumidification.
Fans available in steel, aluminum, galvanized and plastic.
Also supplying cooling pads from Acme, Glacier Cor, Kuul and Munters from worldwide warehouses Arctic Circle Arvin and Port-A-Cool fans available for a variety of uses including small greenhouse and portable cooling; available in many types and sizes.