Seed Propagation Systems

Seedling Production, Seed Propagation Equipment,
Seed Germination Equipment

To all of our propagation clients, we offer not only equipment and design but a very strong background in seed, cutting, and plant propagation, including water management, soils, fertilization, and transplant technology. We have been honored to supply propagation, testing, and research facilities to many of the world’s leading seed companies for seedling propagation.

boom spraying seedlings
Boom spraying for seedling operation

Our systems are designed with the Institutional and Commercial propagators in mind. We have many years experience in supplying propagation system to growers worldwide. We can provide:

  • systems for new greenhouses or existing greenhouses
  • totally covered metal buildings for 100% control
  • Propagation Greenhouses completely equipped.
multiple house propagation system
Multiple house propagation system, using HIO lights, spray stakes, misting, moveable benches, in-bench heating, fertilizer systems

For the Propagator who require a complete greenhouse, we can supply:

Complete Heat Propagation Systems

A wide variety of Heat Propagation Systems are available to commercial Growers. A minimum of 200 square feet (19 square meters) of area is required. Complete mist/fog systems are also available.

Designed for each client, to include controls, mats, heating, irrigation, lighting, and fog or mist as desired. Please advise details of your needs and information and prices will follow. The following information is requested:

  1. Voltage
  2. Area covered
  3. Bench required (yes/no)
  4. Light levels desired
  5. Fog/mist/sprinkler/drop requirements
  6. Crops – seed, cutting, etc.
  7. Bed or container grown
  8. On ground/On bench
  9. Heating preference: electric/hotwater tube heat/other
  10. A sketch or layout of the propagation area

Due to design and engineering time, propagation systems are only available to commercial, institutional, or governmental orders of more than 200 square feet (19 square meters).