About Haf Fans


HAF fans for greenhouse, warehouse and industrial air circulation.  USGR offers the finest HAF (Horizontal Air Flow Circulation Fan) in the world.   Our HAF fans have low electrical consumption and high volume air circulation very economically.  

The Turbulator fan popular many years ago, has now been re-introduced and is one of the best air circulation fans for poultry.  The Turbulator poultry and greenhouse air circulation fan has an outstanding air pattern circulating the air very efficiently throughout the poultry building and greenhouse.  The Turbulator also has a place in warehouse air circulation. 

Horizontal air flow fans are ideal for circulating and pushing warm air down in cases where there is cooler floor space.   HAF air circulator is ideal for internal air circulation through the plant canopy of crops.   We design HAF Fans for maximum air circulation with maximum watts per CFM.   Many air circulation fans circulate air but the result can be air turbulence and inefficient air circulation.  Our company has been offering the Acme HAF fans for many years and sold them worldwide for a wide variety of applications.  Though the HAF fan was introduced as greenhouse circulation fan, it has been adapted to many different applications.  For those looking for a low operating cost, outstanding circulating system for agriculture, poultry horticulture and industrial application, we offer you what we consider the highest quality product.