Acme Fans

Acme Fans

The highest quality, most efficient, long running, lowest maintenance, strongest and best greenhouse fans, agricultural fans and industrial fans in the world.

Demand for fan and pad cooling systems in workplace and factory environments is growing dramatically, particularly in emerging nations and in industries such as garment factories, warehouses and product storage facilities.

There are many factors contributing to the need for greenhouse and agricultural buildings cooling and ventilation equipment. The primary source of heat in a greenhouse is solar radiation. To reduce greenhouse temperatures, air removal is required and its rate of removal is a function of the floor area. A simplified method for sizing and selecting equipment for greenhouse temperature control is included in this brochure.

SuperWindmaster being installed.
54″ SuperWindmaster fans being installed in Thailand
on Quality Plus and Pacesetter greenhouses.

The Acme Fans:

Acme fans are used for numerous applications, including:

  • Ventilation fans
  • Poultry fans
  • Hog fans
  • Agricultural fans
  • Cooling fans
  • Exhaust fans

An ACME fan shutter.

A roof-mounted fan (see arrow).


Warranty Summary

2 year comprehensive product warranty2 year warranty: Every Acme Fan is backed by a full 2-year comprehensive product warranty.

5 year shart and bearing assembly warranty5 year warranty: In addition to Acme’s standard 2 year comprehensive warranty, Acme offers a 5-year warranty on the shaft and bearing assembly in every Acme fan.

Lifetime warranty on Master-Ex propeller, cone and housing.Acme’s corrosion resistant Master-Ex DDP fans offer additional lifetime warranty on the propeller, cone and housing.

WARNING Acme products are designed and manufactured to provide reliable performance, but they are not guaranteed to be 100% free of defects. Even reliable products will experience occasional failures, and this possibility should be recognized by the User. If these products are used in a life support ventilation system where failure could result in loss or injury, the User should provide adequate back-up ventilation, supplementary natural ventilation or independent failure alarm system or acknowledge willingness to accept the risk of such loss or injury.