Aerotech Cap Ventilation

CAP Ventilation

Another innovation from Aerotech

CAP by Aerotech

CAP ventilationAerotech introduces a revolutionary new concept for ventilating pits in hog facilities during the cool weather months, Cold Air Pit Ventilation or “CAP”. Aerotech has used this design for specific projects over the years and have found very positive results.

A simple and effective design created through a collaborative effort between Aerotech Field Representatives, Aerotech engineering staff and innovative customers. CAP ventilation allows better air quality, less pit gas generation, lower fuel bills, and wider building design, thus lower construction cost.

The design uses a series of inlets, pipe fans and ducts that pull cold winter air from the attic and inject it into the pit. Then a pit transition pulls the cold air across the pit and caps the majority of gases below the floor. Aerotech provides the design and equipment needed at a minimal cost.

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CAP productsProblems with Pit Ventilation

  • Toxic gas reduction is inconsistent
  • Bigger barns create more challenges
  • Over ventilate to compensate for shortcomings
  • Expensive
  • Fuel bills can be higher due to over ventilation
  • Limits options for building size and design

Solutions with CAP

  • Better Air Quality
  • Less Pit Gas Generation
  • Lower Fuel Bills
  • Energy Conservation
  • Worker Comfort
  • Better Pig Health
  • Lower building costs due to wider building designs
  • educed building exhaust odor

CAP products:

  • PVC pipe and collars
  • 15″ PVC pipe fan
  • CAP fan control, CAPSSC
  • Air inlets, BI27
  • 24″ fiberglass pit fan with fiberglass pit transition, AT24FPT