Aerotech Fan Shutters Closure Panels

Fan shutters and insulated closure panelsFan Shutters and Insulated Closure Panels

Custom configure your Aerotech fans

Custom configure your Aerotech fans with shutters and insulated closure panels. Keep your buildings draft-free with Aerotech shutters for warm weather and insulated closure panels during the cold weather. Tight-fitting shutters prevent backdrafts and air leaks, yet open easily and completely for maximum airflow when the fan is operating.

Fan shutter and panel poroductsPRODUCT INFORMATION

Aerotech Shutters

  • Ready-to-install with no assembly required
  • Shutter sizes to fit all your Aerotech fans.
  • PVC shutters are extremely affordable, durable, lightweight and open easily for minimal airflow resistance.
  • Aluminum shutters offer a visually attractive appearance and are corrosion resistant.
  • Heavy duty ‘SW’ aluminum shutters can be manual or motor operated.

Insulated Closure Panels

  • Save money and cut fuel costs during cold winter months.
  • Constructed with plastic frame and
  • 3/4″ polystyrene foam between outer layers of plastic double-walled sheeting.
  • IC panels sized to replace the shutter during the winter months.
  • Custom sizes are available.