Aerotech Gs Galvanized Shutters

GS Galvanized Shutters


GS galvanized shutterThe GS shutters are designed for vertical operation as either a fan intake or exhaust shutters. The shutters open when the fan is on and will close when the fan turns off.

GS Series Features:

  • Ready-to-install with no assembly required.
  • Galvanized frame with aluminum blades.

Standard Construction:

  • Frame: 20 ga. galvanized steel
  • Blade: aluminum, 0.015″t
  • Blade Reinforcement: 20 ga. galvanized steel
  • Blade Seals: felt
  • Tie Bars: 14 ga. galvanized steel
  • Pivot Pins: stainless steel, 3/16″ dia.
  • Bushings: stainless steel
Dimensional Data:
Wall Opening
W. x H.
Net Free Opening (ft2) Used with Fan
GS48 54″ x 54″ 541/4″ x 541/2″ 16.80 WF50