Aerotech Inlets Bi28

BI28Bi-Flow Ceiling Inlet

Mechanical and Air Actuated

BI28 ceiling inlet, mechanical and air actuatedAir Inlets

The Aerotech BI28 Bi-Flow Inlet features an all new design created using the latest in computer aerodynamic modeling. Airflow is maximized over the entire static pressure range and flow direction is precisely controlled. Performance of your ventilation system is improved with a fresh supply of preheated air delivered to every part of the building.

The BI28 series inlets include models for mechanical control and for air actuated control utilizing unique constant force springs. The simple to adjust springs allow full control of static pressure and make it easy to compensate for ceiling pitch.

Doors feature a proven seal technology, similar to that used in energy efficient windows. By sealing tightly, humid room air is blocked from entering the attic space where it can cause condensation problems.

An added feature of the air actuated model is an optional mechanical override. All inlets close together using a simple hand winch or an actuator when transitioning to full tunnel ventilation.



  • Aerodynamic frame and door design for precise control
  • Unique constant force springs provide easy adjustment of static pressure
  • Doors close tightly to prevent attic condensation
  • Stainless steel door hinges for high durability
  • Integrated door latches are standard
  • Easy installation
  • Models for mechanical or static pressure control of airflow
  • Fully recyclable materials


  • Lower fuel cost
  • Drier room environment
  • Improved air quality
BI28 Performance Information
Catalog No. 0.10” SP 0.125” SP 0.15” SP
BI28SP/SPM 2,100 CFM 2,575 CFM 3,000 CFM
BI28M 2,700 CFM 3,050 CFM 3,300 CFM