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Poultry Inlets

Increase the benefits from your ventilation system

Air Inlets

Poultry inlet

Aerotech air inlets give a more precise control of airflow and building temperature in your buildings. Increase the benefits of your ventilation system by allowing a fresh supply of air to circulate to every part of the room. Aerotech offers a wide variety of inlets to match your needs. PRODUCT INFORMATION Air Manager: Continuous center inlet designed for mechanically ventilated buildings. Constructed from corrosion resistant galvanized steel. Custom PVC air seal assures uniform inlet closure. Vari-Rate design for precise airflow control. Easy installation and adjustment. Available in 8 and 12 inch slot openings.

Air managerVent Doors

  • Choose from our economical galvanized doors to our durable pvc.
  • Can be used with cable or rod adjustment packages.
  • Optional Turnbutton kit for locking the door closed.
  • Stainless steel hinges ensure maximum corrosion protection.

MIxx48, Galvanized Steel Inlet

Mlxx48 steel inlet

This mechanically actuated inlet is designed for higher airflow rates. It can be sidewall mounted for intake of fresh outside air or can be paired and used as a ceiling inlet to allow attic air to be circulated. These galvanized steel inlets have a 1″ foam baffle with a metal wrap on the interior side. A rod, pulley and lift chain are included.

Plastic Vent Door (PB)

PB plastic vent door

The mechanically controlled sidewall mounting inlet allows for low volume airflow from the outside into the building. The door is constructed of all plastic with a continuous hinge and includes the lift bracket. In addition, the top and side air seals prevent air leakage.

AeroBaffleTM Sidewall Center Inlet (CI) or modular

Sidewall center inlet

Eliminate cold drafts and promote even room temperatures with the AeroBaffle Series. Features include high density foam covered by corrugated plastic for increased durability and added R-value, wide flexible seals to keep the weather out, end caps with flexible seal and a stiffening bar running the length of the system for added rigidity. Nylon-coated cable lift line provides reliable control of baffles and minimal air resistance. Available in 8″, 12″ and 16″ widths.

Light Traps

Light traps

Light Traps are specially engineered for darking out inlets. Every section is made from ultraviolet resistant PVC that provides the highest light reduction available with low resistance to airflow. They are light weight and easy to install.


  • Aerotech offers actuators and controls which can be found on the Curtain and Baffle Machines literature.
  • Various inlet accessories, including weatherhoods, roof caps and riser ducts are on the Hoods and Transitions literature or contact your Aerotech dealer or representative for information.