Euroemme Munters

Euroemme Munters

Your ideal partner for perfect climate conditions. A complete range of products for climate systems.

Munter’s Climate Systems for plant and livestock production create an optimum indoor climate independent of the ambient temperature.

Munters has recently acquired Euroemme, Aerotech and Glacier Cor to better serve agriculture, greenhouse and industrial clients. USGR has a website section dedicated to Euroemme products at

Poultry House


Applications & Benefits

Livestock Buildings: Greenhouse: Munters Climate Systems stands for:

Chickens,Rabbits, Cattle, Turkeys etc.

  • Stable climate conditions
  • Long production season
  • Healthy animals
  • High feed conversion rate

Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits

  • Long growing season
  • perfect climate conditions
  • No salt and calcium deposits
  • Less evaporation from soil

  • Long life-time
  • High and stable efficiency
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low energy consumption

Products of interest:

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